Support Coordination Software

Made by Support Coordinators for Support Coordination businesses

Our Support Coordinators trialled every customer management system there is and none were quite right for how Support Coordinators work and how a Support Coordination business must maintain NDIS Commission quality standards. So, over 2.5 years, our team of Support Coordinators built their own system- the SC Toolbox!


Custom made Support Coordination

Management System

Client Database Management

The SC Toolbox allows you to effortlessly upload clients, case note and manage their journey with your company.

NDIS plans can be drag & dropped into the client upload feature to pre-fill the client profile, making it easy and efficient.

The client profile is extensive allowing for Support Coordinators to be able to gather client details that ensure Choice and Control is at the forefront of service delivery.

Easy Support Coordination Case Note system

A seamless and easy-to-use case note system for Support Coordinators. Case noting can be accessed via a PC and/or the SC Toolbox phone app – making it easy for SC’s who are always on the run!

Each case note is assigned to an NDIS Price Catalogue line (compliant with the NDIS Price Guide) and links to the businesses billing processors. This seamless process allows the business to complete one-click invoicing and NDIS bulk-billing spreadsheets at billing time.

Staff Management all in
one place

Like having your own HR Hub! Keep all staff profiles in the SC Toolbox – uploading staff NDIS Worker Screenings, Blue Cards etc.

Assign staff to have different permissions, including administration and management. Staff can be assigned pay rates, which can include different payrates for different services (like Specialist Support Coordination).

This system allows easy management of subcontractors and creates invoices based on case notes.

Invoicing and Payroll made Easy

We’ve made this so easy, you’ll actually look forward to payroll and billing day. All Support Coordinator case notes (billable and non-billable are linked to the SC Toolbox invoicing and payroll system. This means that when it’s billing day, it just takes one-click to extract all NDIS Managed, Plan Managed and Self Managed service hours to send away for payment.

The system creates:
One-click Extractable Excel billing spreadsheets for direct upload to the NDIS portal (bulk billing)
One-click Extractable Excel billing spreadsheets for Plan & Self managed clients – upload to accounting software like Xero
One-click payroll spreadsheet (with billable and non-billable hours)

Maintain Quality and

Whether your business is NDIS Registered or not, it is your obligation to provide and maintain a level of NDIS Commission reporting measures and procedures.

The SC Toolbox provides tools to assist Support Coordinators to report, record and action incidents, feedback and conflict of interests. The SC Toolbox also provides a simple & comprehensive risk management tool to manage staff and client safety.

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