From Hospital to Home: John’s Journey of Support

First Plan before i’ara $45,189

Discharge Plan after i’ara $1,414,710

When John* was first referred to i’ara, his initial NDIS plan allocated $45,189 for his discharge from hospital. This amount was calculated based on a basic assessment of his needs, aiming for a quick transition out of the hospital. However, at i’ara we believe in a deeper, more detailed approach to understand and support our clients’ true needs.

Our Hospital to Home team stepped in, working closely with John’s hospital treating team. We took the time to delve into the specifics of John’s situation, identifying not just his immediate needs but also considering his long-term requirements once back in the community. This comprehensive evaluation covered the level of support he would need daily, the type of housing most suited to his condition, and all necessary equipment to ensure not just a discharge from the hospital but a transition to a life of dignity and independence.

As a result of our intervention and detailed planning, John’s NDIS plan was reassessed and significantly increased to $1,414,710. This dramatic escalation in funding reflects our commitment to not only ensuring a fast discharge from the hospital but also guaranteeing our clients have access to the full spectrum of support they need. This includes everything from in-home supports to the right living environment and the equipment essential for their well-being and independence.

Bridging the Gap to a Brighter Future: Emma’s Journey

First Plan before i’ara $543,673

Discharge Plan after i’ara $1,862,902

Emma’s* journey began with an NDIS plan that allocated $543,673 of total funding – a substantial sum aimed at covering her transition from hospital to home. However, despite the significant figure, the initial plan only scratched the surface of her actual needs. i’ara’s H2H team were engaged to bridge this gap.

Our team’s expertise in deciphering the NDIS language and translating intricate medical reports into actionable, evidence-based plans played a pivotal role. By conducting a thorough assessment, we were able to articulate Emma’s requirements in a way that the NDIS could not only understand but see the necessity for enhanced support. This deep dive into Emma’s needs led to a reassessment of her plan, which was then elevated to $1,862,902.

This increase was not just about numbers; it was about identifying the level of personalised care and support that Emma deserved. With the enhanced funding, we were able to secure a living situation that was more than just suitable—it was tailored to Emma’s aspirations for independence and quality of life. Emma’s story highlights the power of expert navigation through the NDIS system, ensuring that individuals receive the support they truly need to thrive.

A New Chapter of Hope: Alex’s Transformation

First Plan before i’ara $48,812

Discharge Plan after i’ara $350,322

Alex’s* initial NDIS plan provided him with $48,812 in total funding, an amount determined with the intention of facilitating a quick discharge and addressing basic needs. However, this approach often overlooks the full scope of an individual’s requirements for a truly fulfilling life outside the hospital. Recognising this, the i’ara H2H team took on Alex’s case with a different vision in mind.

Our approach is rooted in our unique ability to understand the nuances of NDIS funding and to translate complex medical conditions into comprehensive support narratives. For Alex, this meant taking an in-depth look at his life goals, daily challenges, and the support needed to overcome those obstacles. Our expertise allowed us to present a compelling case to the NDIS, resulting in a revised plan that soared to $350,322 of total funding.

This funding increase meant that Alex could access not just basic care, but a spectrum of supports tailored to his needs and ambitions. From assistive technologies that foster independence to therapies that enhance his quality of life, Alex’s enhanced plan marked the beginning of a new, hopeful chapter. It’s a testament to how a deep understanding of each individual’s needs, combined with expert navigation of the NDIS, can transform lives.

*Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect privacy. These stories are based on real events, showing how we’ve helped people move from hospital to a happier home life. Participants who engage in our H2H process still have the right to exercise Choice and Control over who they wish to use for Support Coordination services


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