What makes us unique.. 

Our vision is to be the most respected Specialist Support Coordination agency for Disability, Injury and Aged Care stakeholders in Australia. We help those whose complex needs cannot be met anywhere else.  

 We stand out. We don’t look or feel like a disability service. We have impeccable customer service. We follow up, we find solutions and we get outstanding outcomes. 

We work outside the box, we dance in the grey, and we are empowered to work alongside our clients to assist them to live their best lives.  

We are not a team, we are a village. We attract and retain the most energetic, committed, and passionate villagers. WE are the brand. We are happy and fulfilled; highly trained and have an incredible work ethic. Our workplace environment promotes belonging and makes us proud.   

We are here. We have time. We are by your side.  

Why work with us? 

i’ara Specialist Support Coordination has been certified as one of Australia’s Best Workplaces™ to work. This means our village of Support Coordinators have provided feedback on how they feel and how they are supported in their work environment, based on benchmarks like Camaraderie, Collaboration, Pride, Support, Teamwork, Customer Centricity and Leadership Behaviour. The feedback came back to indicate that our village is happy, content and feel very supported in their workplace, and confirmed that i’ara is one of the best places to work in Australia! 

About our in-house training program

Become part of our village and experience our extensive in-house training. Provided when you start your i’ara journey and ongoing, our training program ensures our team remain highly skilled and knowledgeable in their roles.

Aligned with our commitment to providing exceptional support, our training ensures you’re ready to help those with complex needs live their best lives.

Discover a workplace where you’re supported, fulfilled, and empowered to make a difference.

Are you our Next Villager? 

We are a village of fun, down-to-earth and caring Specialist Support Coordinators who all really believe and love in what we do; helping people with disability, injury and those entering aged care to live their best lives. 

We are looking for proactive people who are keen to join our vibrant village as we expand across Australia! 


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