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About Us

”I was sitting next to my client in her living room and we were surrounded by a bunch of other people – support workers, OT, Physio etc; I turned to her and asked, ‘are you ok,’ and she smiled back and typed on her speech device, ‘I’ve never felt better.’ All of the people in that living room were there to help and committed to supporting this amazing woman in her journey to a better life. As I sat there, there was an overwhelming sense of calm, a peaceful moment of bliss and happiness. This feeling came from seeing how happy and secure my client felt, and how proud I was of our Support Coordination efforts in working to bring this village of people together to make a real change for the better.”

Maddi Wright, i’ara’s Founder and Managing Director.


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Pronounced ”eye-ara”, our name means ”village” in a language from Papua New Guinea (PNG). The PNG culture is one that is dear to our team and to North Queensland – and i’ara is beautiful, calm, and descriptive of what we are all about!

Our team of Support Coordinators provide Support Coordination services to NDIS participants. We can help you to understand your NDIS plan, set up supports to help you on a daily basis, and supports to help you achieve your goals. We help you to build your village of support.

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